Posted on: December 27, 2011 3:23 pm

Dec26 Sixers Portland, nothing's changed.

     I was one of ten people in Philadelphia who cared enough to watch the Sixers v. Portland game.  As much as the two teams tried to play a fun and exciting game the NBA managed to ruin it.  Everything that was wrong with the NBA was on center stage for everyone to see if you were paying attention.  It's a shame, it could have been a great fun game to watch if the NBA just had stayed out of the way.  If you had watched the game from Philadelphia, this is what you would have noticed.

Pregame:  The Sixers from the opening bell of the season have once again cemented themselves as the team with the worst pre-game show in the league.  Can someone please find Jim Lynum a rocking chair, a warm blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa.  6 minutes in Jim made a reference to the top of the program and actually pointed at the camera as if he could direct the viewers gaze back in time 6 minutes.  Jim's a nice guy from what I can tell, but there is no job anywhere in the NBA he is qualified to hold anymore.  And I hardly think the Sixers are the only team saddled with someone who is just stealing money from the league denying younger guys an opportunity because he can't walk away and the old boy's network won't make him.  Please will someone make all the Jim Lynum's of the world retire, PLEASE.

Travelling:  Apparently no one sent the memo to Sixer's new color commentator, Malik Rose, that you can't point out every blatent walk in the NBA.  He did it 4 times during the game and was right every time.  Forget that Walking is a step and a half, Malik was pointing it out after two steps and a hop.  Walking drives fans aways, because everyone who loves basketball knows that most basic of rules and its infuriating.

Flopping:  Wow do the Trailblazers flop.  Gerald Wallace is a really good player, so why does he need to go flying 15 feet across the court ten times a game?   How many times can one player send himself flying across the hardwood before he gets a technical foul?  It was so bad Marcus Camby got into the act when he was sent flying by Jrue Holiday.  Really?  Jrue couldn't knock Camby over with a bat, and I supposed to believe the Camby is going flying?  And the refs eat it up everytime.  It makes a basketball fan stop watching NBA and turn on the NCAA.  

Business before Basketball:  Portland's fans filled the stadium and were loud and excited about their team.  Portland lost Oden again, and Roy retired (total shame), the team clearly needed to reinvigorate their fan base and get them excited.  So it was no surprise to me that the refs did their part and totally dogged the Sixers in the third quarter and for the first half of the fourth quarter.  Kudos to the young Sixers team for recognizing it and instead of laying down and takiing it, fighting back to actually make it a game.  Make no mistake, did the Sixers do enough wrong to lose the game, YES; did they do enough to win, ABSOLUTELY.  Did Portland do enough to lose, YES; did they do enough to win, ABSOLUTELY.  Maybe in the future we can just let the players decide the outcome instead of the refs calling the game based on a business decision.  The NBA sells Tim Donaghy as a lone wolf when anyone with eyes can watch a game and clearly see that the officials steer the outcome of all the games.

The NBA was on full display last night, and it was the same old NBA, which isn't a good thing.  Not one thing improved because of the lock-out.  Not one thing.                

Posted on: November 16, 2011 5:40 am

How I would fix the NBA Part One

       I hate the NBA so much because it is a terrible product.  In fairness the NBA only gets 70% of the blame for that, and being stuck with the Sixers for 40 years is the other 30%.  I hate the NBA product so much that I am one of those sports fans who is glad they aren't playing.  I have spent a lot of time thinking how I would do things different if I ran the NBA but never cared enough to write any of it down because frankly all the moron players and moron owners deserve what they get.  However, it appears now that the two opposing groups of morons have slipped into an abyss of absolute and utter dumbdom with no way out.  So in a moment of generousity I thought I would share my thoughts to help them find their happy place.  Since I have no respect for either groups' intelligence I decided the solution needed to be as simple as possible and as dumbed down as possible so that the two groups of morons could understand without their brains catching fire and smoke pouring out their ears.  So here are the problems as I see them and their solutions:

#1 The NBA needs to divorce itself from the Hip-Hop/Rap/Pop music culture. At least half of all Americans (approximately 175million people) hate one, two or all three of those genres of music and it is driving fans away.  The number one reason there is more energy and excitement at college games is because there is a live band there and not obnoxious 10 second sound bites being blasted into people's ears.  So an easy solution is for each NBA team to hire the Symphony from their home city to be their band at the games.  The symphonies need the money and the NBA needs the bands, its a win win situation and would attract more fans.

#2  The officiating in the NBA gargles donkey nuts.  The officiating is so bad the NBA is no longer basketball, instead having been replaced by some bastardized form of hoops that is so degraded the USA has a hard time competing on an international level.  The rules of the game are arbitrarily applied and enforced to different degrees depending on a player's standing in the league.  And every year it gets worse and less like basketball and more like professional wrestling.  Half of all the NBA fans believe the games are fixed, whether to serve the leagues purposes or gambling purposes, and every time a player is allowed to travel just so he can dunk the NBA loses another fan.  To repeat, "Gargles... Donkey... Nuts."
      What I would love to see is the NBA take some time away from breaking the players union, to break the refs union and do away with independent officials altogether.  Replace them all with a system where every team is responsible to employ four of their own officials.  For a game, each team would send two refs onto the floor to call the game, each team would send one ref to a replay center at the scoring table and leave one ref as an alternate/emergencey replacement.  And make everything reviewable but the only people who can ask for a review is one of the six active officials.  Have zero tolerance for arguing with officials, and zero tolerance for flopping.  If the officials could review a flop and T someone up after further review it would take about 2 weeks to restore credibility to your game.  Because right now the games themselves have zero credibility with the fans, I repeat, "Gargles... Donkey... Nuts." 

#3  The NBA must realize it has a two part gambling problem, the first being gambing amongst players, and the second is fans betting on games.  As for the players, I think every fan can appreciate the tremendous boredom that can occur with all the travelling and down time.  Nobody begrudges the players for that, it is understandable.  The problem is when you have the same ten or fifteen people playing high stakes games all the time eventually people are going to end up hating each other.  The simple easy solution is to limit the buy-ins.  If you tell the players they can play all the texas Hold-em tournaments they want just limit the buy-in to $20 it will be impossible for problems to occur.  You know problems like where one player brings a gun into a locker room to threaten another player over collecting a debt.  By having a league mandate limiting the buy-ins, then the games can return to being about fun and friendship and passing the time and not about a second source of income.
      The second gambling issue is betting on the NBA games.  Only the most degenerate gambling junkie would ever place a bet on an NBA game, which hurts the popularity.  The reason only a moron would bet an NBA game is because of the nature of the lines.  When a game features a favorite that is minus 12 and the underdog is plus 6, only the dumbest human beings fail to realize that a third of the time neither half of the bet wins.  It is that kind of betting line that keeps action away from the NBA.  I don't know how you can mandate a change but it needs to change to the system that they use for baseball lines, where betting $100 on a heavy favorite may only return $110 and $100 on a big dog might return $250.  It is an instant improvement.  I repeat, "Only the most degenerate gambling junkie would ever place a bet on an NBA game."  The odds are stacked against you, and combined with the gargling donkey nuts officiating why would you ever expect either side of the bet to win?

#4  Players are coming into the league at too young an age, primarily because they and their family are too poor to wait for the money.  Instead of setting a minimum age or college requirement, allow each NBA team to award one hardship cash scholarship of $50,000 on top of a players acedemic scholarship each year.  The team gives the player that money every year they stay in school. So a kid coming out of poverty with a full college ride, won't have the pressure of leaving after one year just so his brothers and sisters can survive.  Because kids would eventually graduate and enter the draft -even if it takes 5 years- the most a team would spend yearly would be $250,000.  It would be well worth it.  It would keep kids in school for all the right reasons without forcing them to watch their family starve in the process.

#5  The Lottery system and Playoff System are as pleasent to the senses as a stink bomb in a manure factory.  75% of all NBA fans believe the Lottery system is rigged, and 100% of fans believe teams tank whole seasons for the chance to get more ping pong balls.  Get rid of it and replace it with the bottom 8 teams in the league having to compete in an 8 team tournament for draft order.  If they want the number 1 pick tell them to go out and win it, and have the order of finish determine the draft order.  It would give the teams with no hope of playoff success a chance to compete in a post-season, make money off a post-season, and compete for a tangible award for a team in the form of the best player available.  This is such a winning idea I can't believe I am giving it away for free.
     Now if the bottom 8 get to play in a post-season it would be unfair for the middle 6 teams to not make the traditional 16 team post-season.  So let's expand the post-season to the other 22 teams and do away with re-seeding so people can actually play a bracket pool.  Have the number one seed in the East and West get a first round bye into the second round of 8.  Have seeds 2 thru 5 in the East and West get a bye from the pigtail brackets into the first round of 14, and have seeds 6 thru 11 in the East and West have to play a pigtail series to get into the first round.  The pigtails would be three-game, round 1 would be five-game, second round and on 7 game series.  Not to mention they need to speed up the series as well, because when a seven game series takes longer then 2 weeks the Playoffs cannot possibly maintain any momentum.  Just like that the NBA playoffs becomes an event that reflects the fun that is March Madness.  I repeat, "It's such a winning idea I can't believe I am giving it away for free."

These are the five major fundamental flaws with the NBA as I see it, and if the  moron players and moron owners don't recognize it and do something about them, then the BRI split won't matter because the popularity of the league will continue to slip and Soccer is storming up on them whether they want to admit it or not.  That concludes Part One, Part Two will deal strictly with the money related issues.
Posted on: June 30, 2011 9:30 pm

How I would realign Major League Baseball

        I have heard several times in the past few weeks of sportswriters and commentators lamenting that there is no good way to realign baseball to make it work more evenly.  The current system with two divisions, one of 16 and one of 14, just cannot be made even because of the impossibility of scheduling 6 divisions with 5 teams apiece. 
        The solution I came up with certainly would not satisfy any baseball purist.  Of course considering the purity of baseball contains drugs, more drugs, fighting, juiced balls, juiced bats, financial inequity, changing mound heights, and the never ending love/hate relationship with the designated hitter, then I would simply ask, "How pure is it to begin with?"  And if you have ever had the pleasure of watching the movie 'The Great Bank Robbery of 1876" then you would know that apparently the game started out with more tackling and shennanigans then most purists would have you believe.  Of course the game in that movie was set in Minnesota and that's awful close to Canada so maybe not all games were like that one, but movies have never lied to me before.  So here goes nothing, here's what I would do:

       First thing is to get rid of both the American and National Leagues, they no longer exist and everybody is just part of Major League Baseball consisting of 3 divisions comprised of 10 teams each:  EAST,  CENTRAL,  &  WEST - TEXAS.   Your Team would play the other 9 team in your division 8 times made up of two 4 game series, one home and one away totalling 72 games.  Your team would also play every team in the other two divisions 4 times made up of two 2 game series, one home and one away totalling 80 games.  Which then gives you a grand total of a 152 game season, eliminating the 2 weeks of the season that baseball can't seem to ever cram in at the beginning or end of the year without running into snow.

My division breakdowns would be this, listed according to current won/loss records:

      EAST                                   CENTRAL                               WEST - TEXAS

Philadelphia                              Detroit                                   San Francisco
NY Yankees                              Milwaukee                               Arizona   
Atlanta                                     St. Louis                                 Texas
Boston                                     Cleveland                               LA Angels
Tampa Bay                               Cincinnati                               Seattle
NY Mets                                    Toronto                                  Colorado
Pittsburg                                  Chi. White Sox                        San Diego
Washington DC                         Minnesota                               Oakland
Florida                                     Chi. Cubs                               LA Dodgers
Baltimore                                 Kansas City                             Houston

        Each Division Winner makes the playoffs automatically as the three highest seeds and the teams with the next 5 best records regardless of division, that way every year guaranteed the best 8 teams are playing in the playoffs.  Because they are balanced  it means that on most nights during the season there will be 5 games being played in prime time in each time zone.  And since now you are playing every team in the league, no one team has an unfair schedule advantage and fans will be able to see ALL the best players and best teams play regardless of where you are in the country, which believe it or not lends itself to more interest in fantasy baseball which in turn will drive viewership up just like fantasy football did for the NFL.  And as an added bonues to all the fans who hate the big money spending East coast teams, now all those same teams will have to beat up on each other during the season which would almost certainly prevent a clean sweep of the wildcards by the East.  

        The more I look at this idea the more I think it would really work and I can only come up with three problems.  First, no one ever listens to me.  Second, people are reluctant to change for any reason even if better results are guaranteed.  And lastly, a reasonable compromise will have to be made on the designated hitter.  Now I can't do anything about the first two, but on the DH I think I have an answer.  (For the record I personally hate the DH and prefer National League style baseball)  The easy solution is to make the DH optional.  In a 152 game season, any team may put in a lineup featuring a DH 76 times, its purely a matter of team discretion when to use it regardless of whether the other team does or not.  In a seven game playoff series each team gets to feature the DH 3 times whether the series goes 4 games or 7.  What this does is instantly make the DH a strategic part of the season and the game which is the main complaint by the people who hate it, that it takes away from the strategy of the game.  Using it this way only adds to it, not to mention now you will be able to keep pinch hitters sharp without having to try and figure out how to get them in the lineup here and there.  I think it works beautifully.

        On a final note, since there are now three divisions, that means then each division would have its own awards, 3 Cy Youngs,3 MVPs, 3 Gold Gloves, etc.  As for All-Stars, fans now would vote for the four best players at each position across the whole league, and please break up the outfielders into LF, CF, and RF, stop lumping them together, vote for the 18 best pitchers and only let each one pitch just a single inning.  Once you have all the players let the two managers from the previous year's World Series draft their team from the players voted in and just have a fun game featuring the best players in the league.

That is what I would do, it has almost no chance of happening, but that is what I would do.

Posted on: December 12, 2010 2:32 pm

Sixers - Hornets Highlights 12/12/10

Its Sunday at noon and I am watching a Sixers game there must be something wrong, better take my temperature.  Hard to imagine I missed 99% of the Celtics game vs. the Sixers but made this one.  The funny thing is the one thing I do remember from that game, which I slept through, was that I tuned in in time to see Evan Turner scratch his head again.,

There was no pregame show on Comcast, instead it was a one hour infomercial about gadgets for the christmas season.  What a huge improvement over anything that involves Jim or Dei Lynum.

Hard to imagine that Chris Paul has been in the league for 6 years.  Hard to imagine him spending much more time with the Hornets.  Hard to imagine that Jrue Holiday is going to be able to defend him.  I can't believe I am looking forward to this, I really must be sick.

The stands have maybe 3000 fans in the seats out of a capacity of 20444 to start the game, guess philly fans haven't really bought into this team yet, and neither have I.  That and maybe Sunday in Philly is a terrible day to schedule basketball.

Spencer Hawes, I don't think I have ever seen him win an opening tip.  Maybe since Maurice Speights can jump but not much else, we should just let him do the opening tip to earn his pay, I mean he is getting paid anyway.

A whole lot of bricks for both teams to start the game, I could build half a fireplace.  What is it about Sunday at noon that doesn't agree with NBA players?  Maybe its the whole Saturday night that preceeds it.

Spencer Hawes with an imitation skyhook for 2 points 5 minutes in, I don't know why more players don't use that shot it works so well, espescially when you are 7 feet tall.

Belinelli left his shot in the hotel room to start the game but he is getting wide open looks, could become a real problem as the game goes on. 6 minutes in and both teams shooting under 35%, 0% from beyond the arc.  But Evan Turner looks lifeless and bored sitting on the bench blowing bubble gum bubbles, he might sense he isn't getting in for awhile.

This might be the sloppiest 1st quarter of basketball I have seen since that Archbishop Carroll vs. Roman for the Catholic League Championship almost 2 decades ago.  That was high school basketball here in Philadelphia.

Evan Turner sighting at the end of the first quarter AND he actually SHOT the ball and MADE the shot.  Must be the gum.

Even though they aren't finishing Brand and Hawes look like they are starting to develop a real repoire with each other.  Might have had an extra 10 points between them had they been able to finish some of those nifty passes, but no one is finishing right now, so we can only hope it benefits the team later in the season.  End of 1 David West and Elton Brand have 13 rebounds combined.

Evan Turner still in to start the 2nd, got a nice rebound.  Meeks was 0-3 from beyond the arc in the 1st, pretty sure it has something to do with that.

2 minutes into the 2nd and a female fan in the front row got bopped right in the side of the head with an errant basketball.  She was coordinated enough to try and duck even if she failed, only thing injured was her pride.

4 minutes into the second and Iguodala is the only one with a three pointer, and he actually has two of them!  and no misses!  It's times like these that makes him think he's an outside shooter even though he really isn't.  Meanwhile the Hornets have 13 points on 18% shooting and 0% from beyond the arc. 28-13, barnburner baby!

First live shot I had seen of Rod Thorn at a game, the man has no neck.

Half Way through the 2nd and we have a Maurice Speights sighting, going over the back.

Mark Zumov is singing the defense's praises, but its more the Hornets looking hung over then it looks like great defense.  Its hard not to get a steal when the guy dribbles it off his foot, and its hard not to look great when ever shot clangs like a rock off a lightpost.  Hornets 15% from the field 0% from beyond the arc and that is on a lot of open looks.  Sixers only lead 36-16.

There was a giant yellow peep running around with the cheerleaders during the break.  NO truth to the rumor they needed to use a sherpa to find a kid in the sparse crowd to give the stuffed peeps to.

43-18 2 minutes till half, this part of the game was so riveting that I actually got sucked into a conversation about Brazilian soccer jerseys.  Halftime thank God, 45-23 these fans who went to the game must be thrilled with this level of basketball, easily on the level with Division III women's ball. 6-41 for 14% is the worst line I ever saw for a half by any non Sixers team.  Checked in on football, I can choose between Detroit vs Green Bay or Cincinatti vs Pittsburg, as sad as it is to say it, Sixers vs Hornets can compete with that, but only because between Eric Snow, the empty stands, and the Hornets brick laying is really kind of funny.

Belinelli finally found his shot, only took till about half way through the third, its not going to help.

David West closelines Iguodala out of frustration to refuse a highlight dunk, but got to give him credit he managed to do it without being extreme with it or throwing Iggy to the floor.  I give West a lot of credit for that, showed alot of self control in a game that has to be hard to play in.

3 minutes to go in the third and the Hornets have 3 assists.  One thing is certain if you are the Hornets you just throw this game away as either being jet-lagged or hung over, and if you are the Sixers you learn absollutely nothing about yourself.  Hopefully the Sixers at least realize that in the East they are more then talented enough to make the playoffs if they learn to play together.  As much fun as this silly win is and the little win streak, they still do far too many things as individuals making plays instead of a team making plays, which is how Jrue Holiday only has 1 assist at this point in the game.

There are a lot of people ending up on their butts without a lot of whistles associated with said butts.

30 seconds left in the 3rd and Iggy finally gets a dunk, all 5000 people in the stands were very thankful.  46 points for the Hornets after 3, finally got to 25% form the floor and 28% from beyond the arc, 3 assists, 11 turnovers.  The last time I saw anything like this the Sixers did it.

Spencer Hawes with one ugly airball with the shot clock running out to start the 4th.

Evan Turner hits a three!  I never thought I'd see it.  And follows that up with a nice jump shot.  Maybe this could be something positive for Evan to build on.  Of course its hard for any Sixer to come away without something to build on, its been that kind of game.  WOW and a dunk getting a nice pass from Thad Young from Lou Williams.

Halfway through the 4th and we have a Speights sighting... standing off court waving to Lou Williams after a 3 ball.  He has that elusive potential attached to him, but he is a classic example of a kid who should have stayed in school and polished his game.  Always reminds me of Tim Duncan, I always thought he came into the league and was able to be so good because he finished college and allowed himself to mature as both a person and a player, doubt his career would have been the same if he had come out early.  Case in point Speights misses an easy dunk.

Game over 88-70, was never that close, Sixers played a lot of bench players that usually stay on the bench.  Paul 25pts 2rebounds 3assists, Jrue 12-5-4 neither really made much of an impact on the outcome although I can't really say who did, was that kind of game.  Hornets finished 30% from the floor and 41% from beyond the arc, both numbers seem impossible to me after watching this whole game.  Sixers finished with 24 assists but no single player with more then 6, that is a good stat.  On the contrary Hornets had 4 assists 3 for Paul 1 for Ariza, and that is a sure sign of a team that did not come to play.  Jet lag or hung over, nobody could be that kind of bad any other way.

Posted on: December 7, 2010 9:23 pm

Sixers - Cavaliers Highlights

As the game came on I was in the bathroom for the first 2:30 of gametime.  If you ever want to know why I think Zumov is a terrible play by play guy try listening to a game from the other room and following what is happening, if you can guess the score I'll give you a lollipop.  Zumov and Snow are in full ramble mode tonight, it feels like they are talking to each other instead of talking to me, which is bad, cause this is TV.

Half way through the first and Elton Brand's legs look a little slow, either he is having trouble getting warm tonight or those worthless minutes at center are wearing on him.  On the plus side Collins called a timeout at 12-8 when Sixers were getting into a funk instead of after its 16-8 or 20-8 when the funk is already over. 

I think if I wanted to I could count all the individual fans, this is what happens when you give a city slop and call it Professional basketball.  Makes me proud to be a Philadelphian when other Philly fans don't mindlessly give a bad organization money.

I don't know which is better to watch, Meeks shooting the 3 or Iggy throwing it down.  One think is for sure without those two there is very little reason to watch.  Almost through the 1st and not a lot of energy in this game.  They're definitely playing basketball, both teams, but is this really Pro basketball, and better question yet is it really entertaining?

At the end of the first the Cavaliers' bench came on the court and the Sixers scored on them - dare I say - at will.  If you want to know how the Sixers had a 35 - 26 lead it was the complete patheticness of the Cav's bench.

From what the camera is showing there is no one on the upper concourse of the Wells fargo Center.

Evan Turner in to start the second and even the announcer was a little mad he chose to do nothing with the ball but pass it off when he was wide open to drive or shoot.

Cavs comitted to start their bench to start the 2nd, if they don't get going the Cavs are real trouble.  Spencer Hawes is rebounding at will against their subs, and Thad Young can score way to easily.

Comcast had time to pitch Elton Brand's book signing tomorrow for his children's book, awesome.

I am not sure I am believing my eyes, but I think Thad Young is playing defense tonight.  He keeps that up he may start to get real meaningful minutes where he can be a real assest as a scorer.  Of course the possibility that the Cavs have no one who can match up against him is a real possibility too.  Nothing I hate worse then a ballplayer that can only excel with the right matchup.  Antawn Jamison can't seem to slow him down even a little.

Varejao was abled to be guarded by Elton Brand who is not a real center with no negative consequence.  Not a good sign for Cavs fans.

This is clearly not the same Cavs team I saw earlier in the year.  Since they lost to the Heat the have been just lifeless and blah.

You can say you like Snow and Zumov, but for the last three minutes of the 2nd quarter they were in their own world, in their own conversation, at one point Zumov actually had to remind himself there was a game going on.  This is why they are terrible.  The conversation would have made a great pre-game show, but it makes for bad play-by-play.

Sixers winning 66-54 at the half.

Yippie, Comcast learned that the halftime interview belongs during halftime and not duriing the start of game play in the third.  I am so happy Comcast is showing a little progress.  Its not like they are a cable company or anything and TV is their business and should know better.  On the extra plus side my cigarette prevented me from having to listen to any of what Jim Lynum had to say at hallf.

There are few things about the Sixers I find as awkward as Jrue Holiday going for a dunk.

Jodie Meeks continues to make everyone on this team better by just being on the court.  It is nice to have a legitimate three point shooter as opposed to people who take three point shots.  I wish someone knew he should have been starting all year, oh wait, I did, and I don't even know basketball. 

Cleveland's coach Byron Scott looks just absolutely lifeless and lost on the sidelines, and the team's performance is reflecting that.  Not sure how they can shoot 55% and be losing 18 half way through the third.

Cavaliers fatal flaw: 5 minutes left in the 3rd down by 20 and the entire team has degraded into a bunch of chuckers.  Unfortunately the Sixers aren't good enough of a team to always capitalize on a team's fatal flaw.

89-74 end of third, scoring slowed way down in the third, had the Cavs done a better job making baskets this game would be much closer.  The Cav's as a team threw a lot of balls off the rim, threw up a lot of ugly shots.  By the end of teh quarter the Sixers had gotten a little sloppy, which is worrisome considering their 4th quarter collapses... as the Cavs open the 4th with a three.

Final Thoughts on a 117-97 win:

Evan Turner's minutes are dwindling.  This kid is not a bust, he can pass and rebound, but I am certain he would benefit from at least one 10 day stint in the D-league.  Wish the Sixers had the credibilty and intestinal fortitude to be able to send him down and convince the fan base that it is not the end of the world, same as with Craig Brackins when we sent him down.

Thad Young finishes with 26 points which is nice for him but its the 11 rebounds that are going to get him more time on the court.

Jrue Holiday had 6 assists, not a single one was a "creation" play, all just him passing to a shooter.  I'd love Jrue actually make Point Guard passes from the point and create a little more.  That would make this a dare I say it a dangerous team.

Iguodala Line  13 points 5 rebounds 7 assists by driving the lane and playing great Defense, not a scorers line, but a winning line, this is exactly what the Sixers need from him.  He may finally be accepting that he does not need to be the next "A.I." he just has to be part of a team.

Spencer hawes 10 points 12 rebounds and 3 blocks, easily the most energetic game he has played this year.  Finally a performance that doesn't make the Dalembert trade look like a bad idea.

Elton Brand has 12 points and 5 rebounds, will these will be his new "norm" numbers?  If he keeps playing back up center and Young keeps earning his minutes they might be.  I cannot stress enough how much I disapprove of Elton playing center. I hope its temporary.

Lou Williams had 19 on a not great shooting night by driving to the basket and getting to the foul line.  Its a plus when he drives, it takes some stress off of Iggy and I am a firm believer in the need to get other teams in the penalty.  Games can be won and lost from the line, but if no one is getting there they definitely can't help you.  Lou also had 4 assists that were much more closely true PG type creation passes.  Call me crazy but I think Lou plays better when he gets into a PG mentality and makes some passes.  I hated him as the early season chucker.  I'd love to see him get the start at PG for just the first 5 minutes of the game to get his groove, give Jrue time to absorb what is going on and then have Jrue come in and play his big minutes and Lou to return to his normal role.  Seems like a win win type of move that the Sixers would never make.

To my one faithful reader who loves Zumov and Snow, thank you for your support.
Posted on: December 4, 2010 9:53 pm

Sixers-Bobcats Highlights

Sad to learn Phil Jasner long time basketball writer in the Philly area died today.  Everyone liked him, he knew basketball, and you could never acuse him of writing fluff pieces for the Sixers organization.  He wrote what was, not what the Sixers office told him to.

Jodie Meeks goes off for 20points in the 1st quarter.  If only someone like me who had been screaming for him to start over Turner all year had been listened to we might be a .500 team.  Most importantly having Meeks on the court improves the Sixers defense, there is no better way to get another team's offense to press and make mistakes then by draining the three and scoring.

Andre Iguodala had some great dunks in the 1st, he also took some bad outside shots, wish Doug Collins would stress to him the importance of driving the basket and outlaw him shooting from outside.

The five players on the court for the final 12 seconds of the 1st for the Sixers was Holiday, Turner, Meeks, Nocioni, and Brand.  Doug Collins needs to remember to never do that again.  4 guard-like players with a center-like player is not the answer to any situation.  There is no worse lineup on the floor for the Sixers then the ones featuring Brand at Center, it never works, and its only mildly effective when the other team has a terrible option at Center themselves.  We used Brand at Center too much tonight.

Sixers continue to allow the opposition to get too many free possessions by not getting the easy rebounds off of misses.  No excuse for it.

Half way through the 2nd quarter and I saw something from Doug Collins I had never seen before, a look of intensity on his face.  Hopefully the cobwebs are clearing for him and he starts being more taskmaster and leader instead of friend and teacher.  Would certainly lead to good things for the Sixers.

The Sixers cheerleader's blue bodysuits were an extremely classy look, super hot.  Makes those overcoats from the other game look stupid and half of their other outfits look trampy.   Blue bodysuits were spot on, they said,"Yeah you could buy me, but you probably couldn't afford it."  Not that I am implying they are for sale.

Iguodala driving up the court with a minute left to go in the 2nd that led to a behind the back pass to a wide open Thad Young for the basket was the kind of play the Sixers need Jrue Holiday to start making.  It's the kind of play they need Turner to start making.  Too many of Jrue's Assists are still coming from just passing a guy a ball, he still needs to create more.

I noticed after Meeks scored 20 Lou Williams and Thad Young were "pressing" their shots quite a bit, that is what happens when you label a player on a team a designated scorer.  Picking up chucker habits these guys were pressing and chucking not to be outdone and instead got themselves completely messed up.  That is why no coach on any team should label a player a designated chucker er scorer, you have to get playing a complete game.

Early in the 3rd, Sixers didn't just make the extra pass, they made an extra 7 passes until the team forced Meeks to shoot a three, which he missed.  As a pro you have to shoot the open shot.  Opening 4 or 5 minutes of the 3rd and Sixers are showing a lot of "tightness" on the Offensive end, they are maintain the lead on good Defense and cold shooting by the Bobcats.

Once again after halftime Concast decided to do a coaches interview while the game is starting instead of during halftime, you know halftime, when the game isn't being played.

Spencer Hawes has dramatically improved his desire to rebound from the beginning of the season.  Meanwhile Maurice Speights, a very talented young man, continues to play himself off the court by not having any idea what to do as part of a team effort.

End of the 3rd Iggy had a highlight monster dunk over 2 players while fouled.

Was nice to see Thad Young take a charge to start the 4th, nice to see him starting to play Defense.  He needs to do just that sort of thing, he can't just be a scorer.

It is clear Jason Kapono is only sitting on the bench in the hope that one day they can use his 7million dollar contract to even out a trade number.  That trade, whatever it is, can't happen soon enough.

Evan Turner put in the game with 4 minutes to go in the 4th, I can't believe how much this kid just stands there looking like he is gonna cry cause no one is passing him the ball.

Eric Snow continues to be terrible.

Mark Zumov is so much better when he is telling you who is on the court and describing the action on the court.  AS opposed to when he just sits there and rambles on oblivious to the action talking with Eric Snow in a conversation that only the two of them get.

The final thought on the game is the Bobcats are going to have a long season, if Nazr Mohammed is your center that has got to hurt.
Posted on: December 3, 2010 10:58 pm

Sixers - Hawks Highlights

The best part of the game is I slept through most of it.  I can honestly say it was the  most I enjoyed a Sixers game all year.

They finally started Jodie Meeks and sat Evan Turner.  Must have been the right move, it made EVAN play a lot better at least from a stat line.  Let that be a lesson for you young people, sometimes when you are overmatched a little, admitting it and taking a step back can improve your performance.  Meeks only scored 9 but it was clear that he gave them a real outside threat for the other team's D to think about which is more then we have gotten out of the Shooting Guard spot all year.

Jrue Holiday had a great stat line for the game 4 pts 1 R 5 Assists.  ugh.  Thank goodness the Sixers are selling me him on potential.

Doug Collins has come to the decision that Battie is only playing the end of the game to provide some veteran leadership for closing out games.  Finally the new coach does something that appears to be well thought out.

The first time I woke up during the game it was close late in the 1st.  Just that fact is a major accomplishment.

The second time I woke up furing the game was late in the third and it was close with the Sixers in front.  Just that fact is a major accomplishment.

I wasn't really awake for good till the last minute of the game where I was informed the Sixers managed to blow a 16 point lead.

Then I saw a single Hawks player get a rebound off a Hawks free throw in a 1 on 4 situation, 4 Sixers and the 1 Hawks player gets the rebound that was the play that lost the game.

Then the Sixers bumbled fumble their way about giving away the ball and that was the play that REALLY lost the game.

I did get to see Doug Collins scratch the back of his head in patented Evan Turner style.  Was nice to see Evan teaching his signature move.

I did get to see a shot of Evan Turner.  I don't know whether its just the shape of his face, the wide open eyes, the youth, but wow a lot of times he just looks lost judging by his face.  On the plus side at least he looked lost on the bench, and hey can't blame this loss on him he was effective coming off the bench judging by the stats.

Oh I listened for one minute and got to hear Eric Snow's enlightening commentary of, "Hey sometimes you miss one, and then miss another one." Although it sounded a lot dumber when he said it.  I will give him credit he is getting easier to hear every game, this guy is getting some serious coaching about his speach.  SO that is a plus at least Eric can learn, now if we can just do something about our players.  Unfortunately the more coaching he gets the more his voice seems to keep getting lower another two weeks like this and he will sound like "Fat Albert".  Eric Snow gave me lots of fine memories as a player, me along with most of the city loved him I just wish he would have left it at that.

I did get to hear Zumov whine, its so bad when he whines.  If he is going to find a reason to whine at the end of a Sixers loss all season long I may need to break my TV.  Ooooooooooh Nooooooooo.

Well that's it Sixers fans, if you did like me the game was great, cause I slept through it.  Was nice to get the night off.

OH One last parting thought, if the only thing Maurice Speights can do better then Spencer Hawes is jump, then maybe we should let him do the jump ball at the begining of the game.
Posted on: November 30, 2010 9:28 pm

Sixers-TrailBalers highlights

Before the game our best center Craig Brackins was sent to the D-League.

Sixers continue to run the coveted "headless chicken" defense where 5 guys run after the ball in circles.

Sixers went 6 minutes without scoring in the 2nd quarter and Doug Collins never called a timeout, another losing move by a losing coach.

Thad Young and Lou Williams have been turned into chuckers, and when they go cold there are no points to be scored.

The Sixers really miss Sammie Dalembert.

At one point in 2nd quarter Eric Snow used the word p'under and Zumov asked what that was, Snow said, "Its a combination of up and under I don't know, whatever" way to go mush mouth, can someone fire Mr. mumbles already.

At halftime Jim Lynum came on to tell me what a good job the Sixers did limiting and defending the Blazers' Aldridge, he had 18 pts and 8 rebounds.

In between 1st and 2nd quarters the Sixers thought they would liven things up with their Cheerleaders... who were wearing overcoats while they danced.

I did see Evan Turner scratch the back of his head again, he is real good at that.

Comcast started the 1st minute of the 2nd half with a picture and picture while they conducted an interview with an assistant coach.

The Sixers are still waiting for a rebound.

The Sixers still think the best way to defend the 3 point shot is to foul the shooter in the act.

Meeks is still not allowed to play in favor of Turner because we still don't have posters of Meeks for sale.

Doug Collins is now only letting the run get to 10-0 before calling Timeout instead of waiting till it gets to 16-0.  IMPROVEMENT!

Still trying to figure out why Brand handles the ball at the top of the key outside the 3point line?  I didn't know he was a point guard. OF course its better them him playing center, so again IMPROVEMENT!

We took the ball from Iggy tried to give it to Turner and as a result got nothing from 2 starters.

Collins apparently had a secret plan involving NOT getting Igudala the ball.

If a team(Portland) scores 20 below their average and only 9 in the fourth quarter the Sixers can win.  And we all know the Sixers are going to talk about how great a win this is.

Let's use replay to drag out a terrible game even further at the end of the game.

26 seconds left and the Sixers with a 6 point lead and Doug Collins calls a timeout out of fear cause he still thinks they can lose, that is how bad this team is, and how poorly coached.

The Sixers starters had 11 assists combined, Andre Miller had 8.

If the Sixers didn't pay Portland to lose this then Portland is the worst team there ever was.

Mark Zumov never once said what the lineup was on the court, thanks play by play guy.

Portland shot 4-20 for the 4th quarter, inexplicable, the defense was no different then the bad defense from the previous 3 quarters.  This game was bought by the Sixers without any doubt.  We needed a 2 game win streak to "convince" fans this is a good team.  No doubt here.

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